Cecilia Stalin
Cecilia 2

Swedish jazz artist CECILIA STALIN is a talent not to be overlooked. Her music, explores genres including hip-hop, nu-jazz and bop/swing. A stunningly versatile voice is her trademark, and envelops a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions. She studied Jazz Vocals at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm at 2000 and have since received a Master of Music including a year at The New School University in New York. She have since then released 3 solo albums both independently and with Ajabu Records. I’m also a long term collaborator with new jazz innovators Koop (Island Records) and people like Alex Bark from Jazzanova (Sonar Records). Over the past 15 years I’ve performed all over the world, most extensively across Europe, but also in US, Austalasia and Africa. As a songwriter I have also had significant success with my published work, wich has been featured in films by directors such as Woody Allen, multiple TV commercials and shows.

In 2007, Cecilia moved to London in order to perform more regularly, and start work on new projects. Since arriving in London, she has expanded her musical repertoire by singing backing vocals for UK music acts and artists including, The Streets (Electric proms), Alesha Dixon (Live Lounge BBC), Nate James and Cinematic Orchestra (on tour). In addition, she receives many bookings to sing and play solo piano all over Europe. Also known as a vocal coach, Cecilia has taught celebrities such as actor Eamonn Walker for his role in the movie ‘Cadillac Records’ which features Beyonce playing the role of Etta James.

For more information about Cecilia got to her webpage: Cecilia

Vicky ÖsterbergVicky

Vicky is originally from Finland but she has been living in London since three years back. She’s got a degree in Popular Music Performance from Tech Music School with drums as main instrument and is actively performing with different artists and bands both in the UK and Finland.

She is currently in a documentary “Girlpower @V_FemaleDrummer”, which is being filmed in Finland and England during 2013, broadcasted 2014 in Scandinavia.
“How many female drummers have you seen on stage this year? The music business is a man`s world and we are entering it together with a young female drummer aiming for the stars. In the documentary film Girlpower @Vicky_Femaledrummer we follow Vicky Österberg in Finland and England during all of 2013. With intensity and euphoria Vicky tackles the barriers between where she stands today and her dreams.” – Haldin Communications

Vicky has been working actively the past years with encouraging girls to start playing an instrument. Through writing her dissertation about female musicians she found a lot of female role models she had never heard of before. It’s important to give attention to these role models and to work as one yourself. With these thoughts in mind the project Girls with Groove kicked off and the main purpose is to inspire young women to study music and in the future see working as a professional musicians and opportunity.

For more information about Vicky go to her webpage: Vicky 1


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