Girls with Groove came as an idea from two female musicians, Cecilia Stalin and Vicky Österberg. Cecilia who is an active teacher at The Institute, has studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm/The New School University in New York and have performed all over the world, most extensively across Europe, but also in US, Austalasia and Africa. Vicky has studied at Tech Music School and is actively playing with different artists both in Finland and the UK. She is the founder of Rock Donna, a similar project to Girls with Groove in Finland. She is currently the main subject of a documentary entitled “Girlpower @V_FemaleDrummer”, which will be broadcasted in 2014.

Drum kit“We both felt that it was important to encourage girls to play so called male-dominated instruments. We’ve seen girls being directed from the drums to the choir just for their gender and it’s wrong. We want to give young girls the space and time to play music together and learn a new instrument in an inspiring environment.”

In the workshops everybody gets to try out the basics in bass, guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals. Everybody will be put in a band and we will work on the foundations in different musical genres. We will also focus on songwriting and the creative process behind a song. Each band will write and perform their own songs. The main focus on the weekend will be stage performance and confidence on stage, these are essential to give a good live performance.

This weekend is a great opportunity to get education in an already established music school, with great facilities and equipment. You will get to work with professional musicians from the industry and get a feel for how it is to be a musician, the whole process from learning an instrument and writing songs to performing music live on a stage.

The main purpose of the project is to reach gender equality within the music industry in the future. It should be as obvious for girls to play music, write songs and play in a band, as it is for boys. Today society deficiencies in different ways to encourage the interest in music for everybody.



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